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Anne Crosby Gaudet has a special talent for creating music and teaching resources for piano and harp.


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Chord Town Christmas

Chord Town Christmas is the perfect place to learn about mixing and matching patterns to create your own arrangements for lead sheets.

Whether you play piano or harp, this collection is for you! And don't worry if you have a small harp, the pieces are all in the key of C Major so no levers are required. You can make your arrangements as simple or advanced as you like.

You can even sing along, the lyrics are there for you in addition to the chord symbols. Learn how to create special introductions and endings for each piece. There is also room for writing in fingerings and a special place to jot down your arrangement ideas.

Content: 14 pages; 9 lead sheet Christmas carols
Instrument: piano or harp
Level: Beginner - Early Intermediate

Every carol gives you an opportunity to add your own creative flair

  1. Changing the range (moving high or low) has a big impact on the musical mood. Playing high will sound delicate and sweet, while moving the hands lower may be more powerful.
  2. Embellish! Go ahead, change the rhythms and notes in the melody.
  3. Create a melodic variation. You could recycle the chords, but improvise a different melody.
  4. Sing! You don’t have to play the melody in the right hand. You could sing and let your hands improvise on the chords.
  5. Find a friend. Maybe you know someone who sings, plays guitar or a melody instrument. It’s lots of fun to collaborate and Chord Town Christmas gives you the foundation and flexibility to do that!

Here's what you will find inside: